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ADDRESS: Yatra festival grounds, Cobb Valley Road, Nelson/Tasman, Aotearoa/New Zealand.

DRIVING: Once you have driven down Takaka hill, take the left turn towards Cobb Valley Road and continue driving down for 15minutes, till you reach our festival site on the left before the bridge.  

Getting to yatra site


Yatra Festival is approximately four and a half hours drive from the ferry in Picton, via Nelson. Nelson is the closest city, less than two hour’s drive to the festival site. There is an airport in Nelson and a small airport in Takaka. 

Other Transport

Buses run between Nelson, Motueka and Takaka. Contact Golden Bay Coachlines

festival times


Gates will open on the Friday 23rd of February at 9am

Opening Ceremony - 4:30pm and music starts at 6:00pm same day.

Music stops at 2:30pm Monday, 26th of February.

Gates close at 7pm Monday, 26th of February.

All attendees must leave by that time.



Camping is allowed in the open grounds. Please use your own materials to create shade and shelter. Absolutely no camping or parking in the forest or under trees. No fires are allowed. 

Generators & sound systems are not allowed in the Camp Site.

Any offensive behaviour will result in removal from the festival site instantly and a possible ban from all future Yatra related events.

You are responsible for tidying your campsite after the festival and taking all your rubbish & recycling with you. Any waste that you generate must be packed out with you and Leave No Trace. We are an entirely ZERO waste event, any festival attendees caught littering or causing any damage to the festival site in itself will result in removal from site.



Fresh spring water is provided so please bring your own reusable bottle.

Bring your own containers to refill water from the tanks provided in the middle of the Event Site.


There is the Takaka river running beside the Festival site, for you to beat the heat and enjoy a swim in the day time. Please don't enter the river at night.

Only use earth-friendly, biodegradable cleaning and washing products at the Yatra Festival ground.


Vaccine Pass

This is an ALL INCLUSIVE event and no Vaccine pass will be needed to attend.

Vehicles on site


All vehicles will be checked for alcohol and glass on entry at the festival.

No driving around the campsite.

All vehicles parked in the Camp Site must remain parked for the festival duration.

Leaving the festival and returning is only allowed provided you have you admission pass and Id to re-enter, this must be cleared by the event managers or on duty site manager.

• All vehicles parked in the Camp Site are advised to remain parked for the duration of the festival.

• For Health & Safety reasons Yatra Festival cannot allow vehicles to leave the Camp

Site and return without permission granted by the event managers/on duty site managers, we advise you try and bring everything you need as pass outs are not easily obtained and will incur a charge.

• It is important to minimize traffic on the Cobb Valley Road and to reduce carbon footprints.

• Anyone needing to leave the festival site will need to have explained this to the senior management team for approval. They will sign out at the Gate,

and will receive a temporary re-entry pass. This pass is required along with photo ID and a

valid wristband to be approved for re-entry. Your vehicle will be searched upon return as well.

• Someone wearing a festival wristband will not be approved for re-entry unless they also have the required re-entry pass and matching photo ID. The wristband will be checked and a

damaged wristband will not be accepted as valid.

• The returning Participant(s) will need to park a distance away from the Camp Site in a

designated non-camping vehicle park.

• If you are camping in your vehicle and are considering leaving and returning we

recommend you think again – camping is not permitted in the returning participant’s vehicle


Yatra 2022 is under no obligation to approve people leaving the festival and returning. Many events do not permit this. Yatra Festival is willing to help accommodate people with a valid unavoidable reason for needing to leave and return, however this has to be

managed carefully. Your understanding is appreciated.

PLEASE NOTE: A valid unavoidable reason does not include needing to leave to buy food or get more cash. Participants are required to come prepared for camping in a sub-alpine environment for the duration of their stay at the Festival.

Weather and Temperature


The festival site could be very cold at nights and hot in the day. You will need to bring clothing and camping gear that can handle four seasons in a day. Also please carry bug spray for the sand flies in the area.

What to bring


All Participants at Yatra need to be self-sufficient and need to bring everything they need for their time camping in an outdoor environment.

• Your Admission Pass (or Ticket) printed or downloaded to your mobile phone / device (It must be previously downloaded and saved to your device as there is no phone or internet coverage on Yatra festival site. This is needed for entry to the festival.
• Valid photo ID, i.e. driver’s license, passport or student ID – the name on your ID must match your Admission Pass.
• Tent or vehicle to sleep in.
• RUBBISH BAGS (We are a leave no trace event).
• Tramping mat/mattress to sleep on and to isolate you from the potential cold.
• Sleeping bag/warm blankets/duvet.
• Shade cloths/tarps for your camp – note the area has high winds and you will need to secure your shade structures very well.
• A torch with extra batteries, a spare torch / solar light.
• Raincoat
• Warm jacket for the night time.
• Sun protection – hat & sunscreen. NZ sun can burn quickly due to ozone depletion.
• Water bottle/refillable container – non-glass.
• Bug spray for the sandflies.
• We are a cash only festival.
• Plate, mug/cup and cutlery – all meals/refreshments from cafes will be served on reusable plates/mugs. There are no single-use items. You can either bring your own or hire a plate, cup and cutlery.
• Cooking gear if you intend to do your own cooking.
• Bags/boxes to store your own recycling or rubbish. There are no rubbish or recycling bins at Yatra, each person is responsible for their use of resources. Any rubbish or recycling must be taken off site.
• Personal medication and hygiene products if needed.
• Comfortable clothes and shoes.
• Eco-friendly washing products.
• Solar shower bag

• Please bring your positive vibes to share with us all and feel free to co-create the experience of Yatra.

what not to bring


• Alcohol – Yatra is a no-alcohol event. Please keep Yatra a safe place for all.

• It is part of the Terms and Conditions of Admission that vehicles may be searched on arrival and any alcohol confiscated and not returned.

• No glass. You will be checked on entry and any glass will be confiscated.

• No sound systems

• No generators

• No engined vehicles, motorbikes, quads etc.

• No illicit drugs or illegal substances

• No weapons

• Nothing you’re gonna leave behind. Leave no trace. Take your rubbish and everything with you. Keep our beautiful mana whenua clean and pristine.

• No animals – we cannot allow participants to bring any animals on-site, if found to have an animal on site you will be asked to leave. This is to conserve the local wildlife.

Facilities on site

• Camping Area in Participant camping.

• Toilets.

• Compost area close to the Market.

• Medical / First Aid tent

• Psy care tent

• Market – Clothes, arts, crafts, food and refreshments.

• Water for washing and drinking – please conserve this at all times.

• Low mobile phone reception! – Switch off your phone or put it on flight mode or extreme battery save mode to preserve your battery charge.

leaving the yatra site


Take care to leave the land as you found it and leave no trace.

There are no rubbish or recycling bins on-site. Be prepared to take out what you bring in and leave no trace. All participants are responsible for taking all of their rubbish and recyclables from the site and disposing of all items in an appropriate manner. Take your rubbish and recyclables to the local refuse and transfer centers, either in Takaka, Motueka or Nelson.

Children on site

Anyone under the age of 12 has free entry to Yatra Festival only when accompnied by adult family member.

We recommend families camp in the quiet zone. Families need to be responsible for, and supervise their children at all times. While we provide security and take great measures to make Yatra a safe space, We cannot and will not accept any liability for people's young ones.
Your children are your responsibility and by bringing them to Yatra you accept to take on this responsibility.

Camping on yatra site


Camping is allowed in the open meadows only.

You are welcome to use your own materials to create shade and shelter.

• Absolutely no camping or parking in the forest or under trees.

• Fires are not allowed. There is a fire ban for good reason.

• Noise in the campsite must be minimized out of respect for all others.

• Generators & sound systems are not allowed in the Camp Site.

• Trading is only permitted in the Village Market by authorized Traders approved by Yatra Festival.

• It is a condition of Admission that you agree to be responsible for any waste that you generate, to pack out all that you bring and to leave no trace. You are responsible for tidying

your campsite after the festival and taking all your rubbish & recycling with you. Failing to do so will result in consequences.

Leave no trace

• Yatra Festival is a Leave no trace event.

• There are no rubbish bins on site during the festival.

• Please do not bring anything you’re gonna leave behind. Take your rubbish and everything with you. Keep our beautiful mana whenua clean and pristine.

• Please carry RUBBISH BAGS

No Alchohol

Yatra is a no-alcohol event. Please keep Yatra a safe place for all.

It is part of the Terms and Conditions of Admission that vehicles may be searched on arrival and any alcohol confiscated and not returned.

Consent Culture


Respect peoples space, be mindful when navagating the crowd, communicate concent before entering someone's personal/ physical space.

Consent is SEXY

tICKET Refund Policy


In the event of unforeseen circumstances leading to the cancellation of our event, ticket holders will be presented with two alternatives. They may elect to retain their tickets for use at the subsequent Yatra Festival, or alternatively, they have the option to receive an 65% refund of the ticket's value. The residual 35% will be allocated to cover administrative costs accrued by the event organization.

If you're unable to attend the festival, you have the option to receive an 85% refund. Reach out to customer support through the 7am Passport mobile app.

IMPORTANT Note: Starting February 5, 2024, we'll be refunding 50%, reducing to 25% from February 12, 2024. No refunds are available for tickets canceled from February 17 onwards. As a team, we strategically plan all our productions based on ticket sales, and cancellations in the final month pose a significant risk. We appreciate your support, cooperation, and understanding.

Ticket resale

To resell your ticket through the Yatra Community page, kindly follow these steps to ensure a secure transaction:

Begin by composing an email to us, attaching a screenshot of your ticket. This step is crucial for verification and helps us prevent potential scams.

Once we've confirmed your legitimacy, proceed to create a post on the community page to advertise your ticket for resale.

For a hassle-free ticket transfer using our mobile app, refer to the 7am Passport app and follow these instructions:

Choose the ticket you want to transfer.
Tap the gift icon located at the top right of the screen.
Enter the recipient's email address.
Click 'Send Gift'.
Confirm the transfer by selecting 'Confirm'.
The recipient will receive an email notification containing ticket instructions. While the original order number will display the original buyer, clicking on the ticket itself will reveal the new owner's details



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