Yatra Experience

Music, Arts, Sustainability and Connections 

yatra / Main Stage

On our main stage people connect as one living organism with the music being the binding factor. We will concentrate on the magical full spectrum of Psytrance starting with meditative morning chill, progressing into daytime groovy and fun basslines played on an exquisite sound system for your listening pleasure. Our evening line up will be high energy to immerse you into a transformative state of oneness, under the stars. Expect the dance floor to turn into a melting pot for freaky tunes, Forest, Hitech and Darkpsy in the early hours of the morning and back into blissful morning frequencies to welcome the sun. This stage will play music for 58 hours straight.

Pulse / Alt stage

This is our offering to the lovers of downtempo, techno, house and the full spectrum of these sound expressions. We want you to be teleported into an oasis of beats, harmony, and melodies that will carry you away.  Another spectrum of music that us Kiwis can't get enough of.

Aion / chill stage

This space is a melting pot of knowledge sharing workshops, live music and chill electronic music from around the world. A space for you to learn, share, rest, recharge and enjoy soothing tunes. A space to connect with the tribe and create those everlasting memories and friendships.


A carefully curated artistic paradise if you will - we aim to fill the place with feasts for the eyes, engagement for the soul, and colours to satisfy all the inner children who will be joining us. There will also be live art being made and festival attendees will also have a large white wall to co-create a collaborative art piece during the festival.


A space to share knowledge and open our minds towards creating a better future for us all. The workshops will be be aligned with our festival theme and will be a mix of diverse topics.  


We believe in performance art being a key aspect of creating an unforgettable festival experience. This includes regular fire shows, opening ceremony,  Closing Ceremony, as well as roaming performers to fill our experience with colour and flow.


Market-wise, expect our stalls owners taste to be free-spirited, colourful, creative, expressive, eccentric, hippie and fun-loving.  Should any of those attributes or a combination thereof sound like your kind of merchandise, be sure to check them out.

Food stalls

Food-wise from fully plant-based goodness to tasty burgers and everything in between.  We care about sustainability, and have a strict waste policy on site that helps keep things green and nature-friendly.


Become a community member and add your flavor to Yatra festival


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