Yatra Festival 2024 - Terms and Conditions:

By purchasing a ticket to Yatra Festival 2024, you hereby agree to the following events Terms and conditions.

Yatra Festival is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy environment for the well-being of our crew members, public participants and volunteers. While health and safety is the entire community's responsibility we are committed to identifying, reducing, isolating and eliminating risks/inconvenience to our participants wherever possible.

The authorized ticketing partner for Yatra Festival 2024 is Sice Entertainment. Do not buy or sell your ticket from any other platform. Invalid or duplicate tickets will not be allowed entry onto the festival site.
The name on your ticket must match your ID. If bought elsewhere please ensure that all details are correct before entering the gate.Yatra Festival 2023 organizers accept no responsibility or liability for any costs or inconvenience caused by unauthorized duplication of a ticket. Anybody found without a valid Yatra Festival 2024 wristband will be asked to buy a full price ticket or removed from site.
Yatra festival 2024 reserves the right to make any necessary alterations to the date, time, duration and venue of the festival in the event of any unforeseen circumstances. Yatra festival 2024 is not liable for any costs, expenses or other losses resulting from such alterations.
Admission to Yatra festival 2024 is at the ticket holders own risk. Yatra festival organizers will not be held liable for any losses, injuries, damage or death sustained at the event. 

By attending Yatra Festival 2024 you are providing perpetual permission to be filmed, photographed or used in any promotional material by Yatra Festival 2024 and/or festival partners. This includes but is not limited to overhead drone footage, Yatra Festival 2023 has no obligation to notify you when using such material.

All children and under age youth are the responsibility of the appointed caregiver.
All attendees/participants will comply with all official directives from Yatra Festival crew in the event of emergency evacuations or situations.
Unaccompanied youth will be denied entry at the gate.
Yatra Festival 2024 organizers/crew reserves the right to search cars and/or bags on entry.
Yatra Festival 2024 is a strict non alcohol and no glass event.
Any participant/crew member displaying inappropriate behavior, including but not limited to the display of derogatory, discriminatory or offensive comments will be removed from the event. Yatra Festival reserves the exclusive right to deny entry/remove any ticket holder, without the obligation to provide a reason for such denial.
At any stage if you feel that yours or another participant's safety is at risk, please contact the nearest security guard or Yatra crew member for assistance.
NO GLASS: Strict ban on all glass, including containers and drinking vessels.
NO FIRE: Strict fire ban across the entire Yatra Festival site.
No unauthorised fire toys outside of the designated fire performance area.
No fireworks.
No weapons

If for any reason our event is unable to go ahead due to circumstances beyond our control our refund policy will come into place. Your ticket will be valid for full entry to the following year's event (Yatra Festival 2025). If you are unable to attend the new event dates you will be eligible to claim a partial refund that will be calculated by the amount of money spent on the event that cannot be recovered.
We aim to refund all participants within 6 weeks of our cancelation announcement, the required time to process such refunds is still in the finalization process but we can ensure we are doing our best to make the administrative process easier for all.
If Yatra participants would like to generously donate a proportion of their ticket refund they will have the option to do so during the refund process.
If cancelation of Yatra Festival 2024 occurs, Yatra Event Management team will be open and transparent to our community regarding ongoing event costs and will make this information available to the wider Yatra community via social media and our website.

The team at Yatra take conduct/complaint procedures very seriously. We have a complete Zero Tolerance policy towards all violence and harassment.
All reported incidents will be looked into by the Yatra Event Management team and handled accordingly.
All incidents that are recorded will be done so on paper in the official incident log which is kept with the on duty Site Manager.

You must have valid proof of legal photo ID to gain entry. Persons under the age of 18 years old will be denied entry unless accompanied by parent/legal guardian.

As part of our dedicated Leave No Waste initiative at Yatra Festival, we want to ensure a sustainable and environmentally conscious event. To achieve this, we will not be providing waste bins on site. All attendees are kindly requested to take responsibility for their waste by carrying it out with them. We encourage each participant to leave the festival grounds cleaner than they found it, contributing to the preservation of our natural surroundings and leaving a positive impact on the environment. Together, let's make Yatra Festival an exemplary model of environmental stewardship and a celebration of our shared commitment to leave no waste behind.

You must prioritize consent and embrace a culture of respect, autonomy, and choice. Respect everyone's boundaries, seeking consent for all interactions and engagements, whether physical or through communication. Actively listen and honor each other's limits to ensure that everyone feels comfortable, empowered, and valued during the event. Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in the removal of individuals from festival grounds.

Any decision to cancel the event will be made to ensure the safety of Yatra participants and the community. This decision is solely at the discretion of the Event Organizers.
Yatra Event Organizers reserve the right to update any terms and conditions (including policies and procedures) at any given time and such changes will have immediate effect.
Yatra Event Organizers have no liability for any costs or liabilities incurred by ticket purchasers or ticket holders travelling to, or attending, or leaving the event. This includes a participant's costs incurred by refusal of entry or removal from the event.


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